Sindhuli Gadhi at the time of Nepal and British war


Sindhuli is one of the well-known places of Nepal where many dangerous and destructive wars took place. British army who used many dangerous weapons, guns, bombs were hard to tackle had to bow their head and ran off because of the brave and lion-hearted peoples of Sindhuli who fought for the protection of their country as well as the sovereignty of the people living there. Let’s know the reasons behind the victory of Sindhuli people.

For the protection of Nepalese sovereignty, prestige and to form a unified Nepal many Gorkhali fought without caring for their life. Many people lost their life but they didn’t step back and fought until they achieve victory against the British army. Then time British were most powerful. The country like Spain, Canada, and France also bend their knee in front of British power. But when they attack at Sindhuli they were defeated badly.

Sindhuli Gadhi at the time of Nepal and British war

The neighboring country India was also under pressure because of continuous attack by the British army. They were unable to overcome their attack but Gorkhali fought bravely and made a special and unusual victory over British army.

During the time of war between Nepali and British people (1871 BS-1873 BS), Sindhuli Gadhi acts as an important border. Many people came from different places of Nepal in order to the get victory and to make a unified Nepal.

Construction of Sindhuli Gadhi

From ancient period Sindhuli Gadhi acts as the gateway to go to capital city Kathmandu from the different place. From this border Yakchhya Malla, Seyose Malla, Makawani warriors fought different wars with the British army. From the study of ancient books and analyzing, we can know that those people who lived there were able to make a strong colony and bond which helped them to withstand each and every problem together.

Kantipur’s (Kathmandu) king Pritiwandra Malla kept within his own control. There is an inscription in Bhawani Temple which is preserved now also which tells that Brave warriors from the top of the mountain who knew the importance of Sindhuli Gadhi took this place and start ruling over and over by making it stronger and developed.

At the period of unification of the country Nepal many so called and powerful Kings gave more importance to this place. Rada Bahadur Shah started building many hiding places and developed some training place with the purpose of training many soldiers. Those soldiers played a vital role in the protection of Sindhuli Gadhi area and contributed to the victory in the war with many enemies. During the period of Nepal and British war (1871 BS – 1873 BS) Amar Singh Thapa, Kaji Thapa also contributed for the protection which made this place more popular and historic.

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