Folk Singer Krishna Bikram Thapa and Sindhuli Gadhi


“Sindhuli Gadhi ghumera harda suntalimai kati na ramro darbara maryo ni mayale maryo…”, the song by a great legend’s person Krishna Bikram Thapa. Sindhuli Gadhi is a historical place where Gorkha troupe fought and defeat the British Troupe in November 1767. Now this place is the tourist attraction in eastern Nepal. Singing the historical song Sindhuli Gadhi, he had introduced the place and made popular among the national as well as in International sectors too.

Krishna Bikram Thapa was born on November 4, 1946 (19 Kartik 2003 BS) at Nayakharka, a village in Ratanchura VDC, Sindhuli, and 326.9 miles east of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. He was the son of Nar Bahadur Thapa and Ratan Kumari Thapa. Krishna Bikram Thapa started singing and writing from his early age, he did not have the formal education . At that time there was the lack of information that the children must be sent to the school and the other reason that the school was far away from his village. His child became happy in his village. He started writing the book from his young age, probably from the age of 11. His books at that age were “Dukhi Belauna” and “Manahori Jhaure”.

In the year 1979 (2036 BS) folk singer won the first prize in the vocal test by Radio Nepal. At the vocal test, he sang the song “Sindhuli Gadhi Ghumera herda….” This song did not make him famous only but also made the historical place Sinduli Gadhi well known and tourist attraction. That made good careers in the musical tour. After that, he brought some of the famous musical albums like ‘Tori Laure’, ‘Lok Dohari gaff’, ‘Byefale’, ‘Nepal Rimjhim Yantra’ and ‘Sittal Chahaari’ etc through Music Nepal.
The famous folk singer died at the age of 62 on  23 April 2008 ( Baisakh 11, 2065 BS). Although he is not in this physical world, his songs are always memorable to us. His song “Sinduli Gadhi Ghumera Herda Suntalimai…” always remind the history of Sindhuli, we cannot forget his contribution towards the Sindhuli as well as a whole nation.

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