About Sindhuli District


Sindhuli district is located in the Janakpur, Nepal. It lies in the inner terai region of the country. The historical place is nearly 185 km far from the country’s capital Kathmandu traveling from recently constructed BP Highway. Before this, the people have to travel nearly 400 km to reach the Kamalamai municipality of the Sindhuli. The Bp highway has connected the terai region with China territory through the mid-hilly highway. The progress in communication, education, health sectors are the development in the district. Agriculture and the herbal medicines are the main terms of economic development.

History of Sindhuli District 

There are varying thoughts found about the naming of the Sindhuli district.

  • Before Nepal was unified the o Raghab Narendra Sen was the king of Makwanpur during 153. The Makwani king was devoted to god ram and renowned as the Sindhuli. So he named the place as Sindhuli.
  • There is a temple of Siddha Baba, 11 km far away from Sindhuli Madi. The area is known as Siddhasthali. With the timing deviated it was beginning to pronounce as Sindhuli.
  • Tamangs used to live in the area. Agriculture and the goat rearing was popular for living due to enough forest area around the area. From their local word Singthuwa (to cut down timbers) and Sindhuli (To collect timber) it was named Sindhuli.

Physical Structure

Country: Nepal

Region: Central Development region

Zone: Janakpur

Headquarters: Sindhuli madi

Area: Total 2,491 km2 (962 sq mi)

Population (2011)

  • Total 296,192
  • Density 120/km2 (310/sq mi)

Main language(s): Nepali, Tamang, Magar, Newari, Chepang

Geographical location

Latitude: 26 degrees 55 minutes to 27 degrees 22 minutes north

Longitude: 58 degrees 15 minutes to 86 degrees 25 minutes east

Total area: 2 thousand 4 hundred 9 1 km.

Border: pre-Udaipur and Swing, West Rautahat, Kavreplanchok and Makawanpur, North Ramechhap and Okhaldhunga, South Sarlahi, Mahottari and Dhanusha Districts.

Religious and historical place

In the view of religious here are famous temples of Nepal. Kusheshowor Mahadev, Siddhababa, Kalikamai and Kamalamai are the main temples in Sindhuli. The river, Kamala, which flows through the Kamalamai Municipality, is famous all over the country.

The Rachidao is the historical place of the district. We can see the ruined palace of Sindhuli darbar in that place where The Gurkha troupe defeated the British Army. Later on, Ranas used the palace for administration.

Sindhuli valley is also popular with the name of Marinkhola valley. The valley is east hilly region beside the Bagmati River. The valley created by MarinKhola is up to Kamala Triyuga Hill in the east and up to Makwanpur district in the west.

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