Sindhuli Gadhi Darbar Still Waiting To Rebuild


Sindhuli Gadhi Darbar is a historical place where the brave Gorkhali soldiers fought and defeated the British army using handmade local weapons. This historical place is changing towards ruins due to government negligence. Only the old ruined palace has seen the area which is nearly 20 km far from the Sindhuli Madhi bazar.

Historical palace Sindhuli Gadhi hasn’t been shown concern to build by reconstruction division nor by the Government agencies so it has been ruined. 30 roomed Sindhuli Gadhi, the stable in the area, securities blocks and other blocks built for different purposes has been totally ruined.

In 24th Kartik 1824, The East India Company was in the lead of Caption Killen to capture Nepal. The brave Gorkha army (In the leadership of Banshu Gurung) fought with the British army. King Prithivi Narayan Shah has the great contribution for the modern Nepal whereas Sindhuli Gadhi does. Now this historical place is totally out of concern which holds the history of Nepal.

Although the Government divides a certain amount for the development and the reconstruction of the area but hasn’t seen its effectiveness. Although Sindhuli Gadhi conservation committee is working for the betterment of the area the result hasn’t been effective. Although millions of amount have been spent for the development of the area still the way up to the Gadhi Darbar hasn’t been constructed. Although there is a temporary road up to the palace but most of the time the road blocks due to landslides.

As per the political leader if we have utilized the separated amount for the area by the government it has been the best tourist attraction area. But we can see only few picnic spots and a building in the area. Till now the ruined place hasn’t been reconstructed.

The Historical place is only 150 km from the capital city Kathmandu. The historical place where Gorkha Army and British army fought carries the history of the bravery of Gorkha soldiers. So, the place must be conserved and must be promoted as the historical destination by the concern organization and the government.

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