Construction of Sindhuli Gadhi Darbar


Two storied and white colored Gadhi Darbar is located at a plain part of Mahabharata range. There are altogether 31 rooms in the Darbar (Palace). The toilets and bathrooms are separate there. The environment was pleasant around a place. Now let’s know about the development Sindhuli Gadhi Darbar.

There were the camps of Ranas in Sindhuli Gadhi. Captain Kinalaka had made the big and beautiful building there. During the Rana Resign, The Sindhuli Gadhi was a very important to place from the political and economical point of view. After the Kot Parva in 1903 held, Janga Bahadur Rana was about to kill the armies who were the evidence of that Parva but he was unable to kill them. After the investigation, their armies were found to be the Magars and Thakuris of Bitijor of Sindhuli district.

The road of the Sindhuli Gadhi was very busy. The people from the neighboring district use the same road while going to capital and famous cities. Especially, Krishna Prashad Koirala, Dharanidhar Koirala who were against Rana, uses the road frequently.  To stop the anti-Rana practices around the Ramechhap and Sindhuli district, the Sindhuli Darbar was established as the governmental office.

Sindhuli Gadhi Darbar
Photographer: Unknown


The Sindhuli Gadhi Darbar was made by Bom Bir Bikram Kunwar Rana in 1953 during the reign of Chandra Shamsher. The building materials were exported from different places of the country. It takes about 3 years to complete the construction of the Sindhuli Gadi Darbar. The SindhuliGadhi Durbar as divided into a different office. The different office looks reign the different works. So during Rana resign, the Ranas relatives and highly dignified people get the chances to operate the office in Sindhuli Gadhi Darbar.

Sindhuli Gadhi Darbar’s administrators list of engaged Manpower list:

  1. Kardel Faidesi Khatri Chhetri 1955 BS
  2. Tek Bahadur Khatri Chhetri 1963 BS
  3. Kardel Kritimanamsi Khatri Chhetri 1970 BS
  4. Dilli Singh Basanta Chhetri 1970 BS
  5. Ganga Bahadur Chhetri 1974 BS
  6. Kritiman Thapa Chhetri 1975 BS
  7. Kritiman Thapa Chhetri 1976 BS
  8. Narandra Bikram Rade 1995 BS
  9. Lila Bikram Rade 2000 BS
  10. P. Bikram Rada 2005 BS
  11. Metu jung Thapa  2007 BS
  12. Birindra jung Thapa  2008 BS
  13. Dhan Bahadur Rai   2007 BS

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