Sindhuli: Sumptuous Historical carrier


Siwalik is a highland region between the Mahabharat and Chure mountain ranges in Nepal. The Siwalik narrow hills have been extended some 15–20 km in width in the east-west belt. Scientists agree that our early ancestors live for a long time in the Siwalik area and there are so many prove in the area that confirms the ancient human civilization origin from the place. 1 crore and 10 lakhs years old human remain of Ramapithekas was found In the village of Mahottari district, Patu.

Different research and the study has already certified that there are no records of ancient human civilization more than of 1crore and 10 lakhs years .Shiwalik area has its own archaeological splendor. Due to lack of research and study about this place it has been so difficult to explore the unique matter of archaeologists importance, the ancient human civilization origin and many other things about Siwalik area worldwide.

The archaeological study shows the existence of political, cultural activity after ancient human civilization found in the area. The history of Sindhuli is connected with the Ancient kingdom Bideha, this thing has been mentioned in the Yagyabalakya Smiriti Grantha. According to the Yagyabalakya Smiriti Grantha Sinduli is regarded as the place where Yagyabalakya has meditated. In the different timelines of the history, the Sinduli has its own importance. The different historical books and the local people are the witnesses of authentic documents which hold the different matter of history.

The historical existence of Sindhuli

The ancient king Sudhanwa, the generation of Dharmapal, went to attend the engagement program. He left the palace after a discussion occurred between king Kushdhoj Janak (brother of king Sirdwoj Janak) and king Sudhanwa. After that king Sirdwoj, Janak told his brother to make agree to king Sudhanwa than only he will arrange the engagement program. Kushdhoj Janak asked sorry for discussion and invite to the engagement for the king Sudhanwa but he never returned.

Feeling guilty for his act Kushdwoj Janak died in the conflux of river Roshi and River Koushika.The recent located of Kusheshowar Mahadev temple in that place where Kushdwoj Janak died.

The next point mentioned below shows that Sindhuli was the well-known transit point for Bideha and Nepal Mandal. Yagyabalkya was one of the most popular philosophers, in the kingdom of Bideha (In the palace of King Janak). Yagyabalkya had medicated in the Bideha kingdom which was in Sinduli at the time.

The modern civilization Existence

The modern civilization in Sindhuli started from the settlement on the banks of river Kamala, Marin and Chadaha. The temples and monuments around prove the establishment of the history of mankind.

In BS 1389 Karat Dynasty, king Harsha Singh Dev was planning to attack and control Sinduli, Dolakha, and The Kathmandu valley respectively at that time. But he died in BS 1382 before his plan becomes a success, 6 miles southeast away from the recent capital Sinduli Madhi in SundarBasti Tinpatan. But his wife Dewaldevi, minister Chandeshwar and prince Jagatsing reached to the Kathmandu valley using the route of Sinduli and established them in the valley.

Kantipur king Shiva sings Malla extend his kingdom up to Sinduli around 1655 BS. In the recent time, he has devoted a fame of lotus flower in the Kamalamai Temple, Sindhuli. It is saying that the fame of lotus flower is still in the National commerce Bank in Sindhuli’s Headquarter SinduliGadhi.

In 1738 Sindhuli was under the Makwanpur Kingdom, under the rule of king Madik Sen. In that mean time, the part east of river Kamala was the Kingdom of Mandhata Sen. There was always the conflict between the Madik Sen and Mandhata Sen about the territory of the kingdom. In the mean time Kantipur king Parthibendra Malla control over Sindhuli Gadi. The stone script in of the Taleju Bhawani Temple is still in there. As per the stone script, it is told that the place was forcefully taken, understanding the location of the place in the top of the hill.

After the death of Mandhata Sen, King Bidhata Indra sen (king of Morang and Bijapur) increase the conflict with Makwanpur. With the help of Kantipur king, he planned to attack and make the kingdom Makwanpur. For the planning of the attack, King Bidhata Indra Dev invited the army troops in Sindhuli. They have arrived in the Sindhuli in 1746 BS. King Bidhata Indra sing also meet King Bhupalendra Malla in Kathmandu for army help around BS 1748. In this time also Sindhuli land was used for higher commission planning.

Modern history of Sindhuli

The caught of King Digbandhak at Hariharpurgadi

King Digbandhak Sen was the last king of Makwanpur. Digbandhak was the son of Hemkarna Sen. In 1816 Bs after the death of his father Digbandhak Sen became the king of Makwanpur. At that time the king of Gorkha was Prithvi Narayan Singh who was also the Sisters in a law of Digbandhak. Although there was family background relation between there was conflict because of the sister. The king passes his 3 years of rule in the protection management of the kingdom against Gorkha. The kind Digbandhak Sen was promised to help by the Bengal Emperor. But in the month of Bhadra 1819 BS all of a sudden the Gorkhali troops attack Makwanpur. After deserting the war Digbandak Sen with his minister and the family members went to hide in Hariharpur Gadi. After a month the Gorkhali troupe caught them but the king and the minister were the success to run from their trap.

The king Digbandak sing and the minister KanakSing BAniya went to Mirakasim (Bengali Emperor) and request to fulfill the previous promise he had made.  As per the request, Mirakasim sent 200 troops to help king Digbandak but the troop was suddenly attacked by Gorkhali troops in the place. Dhaduwabas.This makes the Bengali troop a lot of loss. The Sen King families were all caught in Gorkha. In this way, the Makwanpur was added over Nepal.

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